I am an installation artist and my current work is about revealing the photographic object in projected light. My work utilizes mirror projections and shadows cast by slide film.

My work creates a dialog between Analog and Digital. I condense images from slide film into sliced and gathered 1– inch dots, which viewed at a distance, show only color and shape, but when viewed closely reveal the original images that are still present. The swarms of dots constitute the reverse (or opposite) of pixilation. Digital language occurs in dots per inch, or dpi in digital printing. 1 dpi is now the one-inch analog shape casting its shadow and becoming light. I use mirrors in installations to enhance the shadows and project light.

I deconstruct discarded slide film. The mechanical sprockets responsible for the movement of film through the camera have become cut squares. The sprockets are free to move or coalesce in various ways through flipbooks, animations, videos, as sewn onto canvas and as swarms pinned to the wall.